Sunday, September 23, 2007

Journey to the Sky

Occassionaly I put on the hat of a river guide and row friends and family down wild rivers. A few weeks ago I made a hasty decision on a trip down the Deschutes River and nearly drowned becasue of it, coming closer to death's door than maybe I ever have before. We've all heard the admonition that "we teach what we need to learn." I sure didn't have my "skysight" on at a moment when I really needed it! The experience inspired to write a song to help me remember the lessons of the experience and I plan to record it on my next cd. The song is called "Icarus" (from the Greek myth). He, like a lot of us, forgot his father's advice, got too excited and flew too close to the sun. The heat melted the wax that held his makeshift wings together and he fell to the ground. It's a myth to help all of us slow down, relax and practice discernment. The chrous to the song is below. If you'd like to see all the words, email me and I will send them on.

If you want to fly
Pay attention to the signs
Grow your wings one feather at a time
Take it easy
Let the storms roll by
You just can't rush
your journey to the sky