Sunday, September 23, 2007

Journey to the Sky

Occassionaly I put on the hat of a river guide and row friends and family down wild rivers. A few weeks ago I made a hasty decision on a trip down the Deschutes River and nearly drowned becasue of it, coming closer to death's door than maybe I ever have before. We've all heard the admonition that "we teach what we need to learn." I sure didn't have my "skysight" on at a moment when I really needed it! The experience inspired to write a song to help me remember the lessons of the experience and I plan to record it on my next cd. The song is called "Icarus" (from the Greek myth). He, like a lot of us, forgot his father's advice, got too excited and flew too close to the sun. The heat melted the wax that held his makeshift wings together and he fell to the ground. It's a myth to help all of us slow down, relax and practice discernment. The chrous to the song is below. If you'd like to see all the words, email me and I will send them on.

If you want to fly
Pay attention to the signs
Grow your wings one feather at a time
Take it easy
Let the storms roll by
You just can't rush
your journey to the sky

Friday, August 17, 2007

Get Your Skysight On!

Why is this boy smiling? Because his skysight has just been awakened! With everyone's hands upon the Earth we are an intregal and equal part of something beautiful and much bigger than ourselves. Something rare and very special often happens to people. This is our intention.

Lots new to report! We have three sky captains now in various stages of training, ready to meet the increased demand for sky art projects. We've gone international with recent projects in Canada, Australia and one soon to come in Mexico. We have an all new vastly improved website and we now video tape each project which is displayed on the web in story and musical form. Yahoo video recently picked a short version of the Art For the Sky video called Courting the Sky as it's pick of the day and it has now been watched by nearly 70,000 people and counting! You can find this and other videos at And finally, I have a new CD called Wild is the Way with my band, SkySight. Check it out at

Art changes people and people change the world
. . . precisely why we are trying to reach as many people as we can with this art form. And the beauty of sky art is that we reach so many at a time . . . hundreds, sometimes thousands who have the actual experience, not to mention all the others who might view it on the web, in the paper or hear about it from a family member. Special thanks here to the Raynier Foundation for it's recent large grant to help spread this work far and wide.

"If we're going to have peace in the world,
it will begin with the children."